Icelandic Rembrandt Sheep

Icelandic Rembrandt Sheep

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Prints are produced on a substrate with a lustre coating. They are ensured to have accurate colors, be of archival quality and have lifelike skin tones where applicable. If you are unsatisfied with your print for ANY reason, I will ensure your product is reprinted to your liking.

All mounted prints except for (16” x 24” w/ Plastic Hangers and 20” x 30” w/ Plastic Hangers) are mounted on 3/16” Gatorboard. Gatorboard is rigid, lightweight and durable, and makes for an excellent way to hang as-is to your wall for a modern, sleek look. The two sizes listed above are mounted on 3/16” foamboard, which is a great substrate as well, that is slightly less rigid. This is to keep cost-to-customer down. These sizes with the Gatorfoam Block option are all mounted on Gatorboard.

I offer gatorfoam block hanging, which is a balanced way to “float” your photo off of the wall, hanging with a nail, screw or other form of hook. This option ranges from 6$-12$ depending upon the size of the print. For a more budget-friendly option, I have plastic adhesive hangers. Please see the last photo for images of each option.

They can also be framed. If you’d like framing, please contact me and we can customize your product further.

All sizes shown are the most popular and in many cases best suited for my photography. That said, if you wanted something larger or smaller, I can easily make that happen; please contact me at

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